Sunday, November 2, 2014

Laundry Room / Butler's Pantry

Cabinet guys have been here and installed cabinets in the laundry room and added the missing cabinet doors for the kitchen. I'm so happy with the way it came out!!! We ended up doing wood counter-tops, from IKEA, ourselves. They are super affordable and not that complicated of a DIY project.

Cabinet doors around fridge were installed.

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Also added a pot rack in front of the hood. It is made of 2 Fintorp rails (and Fintorp hooks) from IKEA. They are very easy to trim to size and you can connect as many as you need together.

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Installing laundry cabinets

 The cabinets are custom made by the same cabinet maker that made my kitchen. If you're in Arizona and would like his contact info, email me and I'd be happy to send it to you.

The sink is a Domsjo single bowl farmhouse sink. It is meant to be inset, but we rigged it to be undermount. That lip on the sink is meant to rest on top of the countertop, but if you cut a notch out in the cabinet front you can lower the sink to be under the counter.

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Support brackets below sink.

I ended up changing the location of the sink from where I thought I'd put it when we built, so the plumbing had to go quite a distance.

After going back and forth between countertop choices I found that Ikea had a top that would work with only one seam at the faucet.

I made a template out of poster board.

This is 2 pieces of IKEA's Varde.

ikea countertop, ikea varde countertop, diy wood countertop

 Fitting the template on top of the two pieces.

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First we cut out the outline and put in place to make sure the fit was perfect. Then we cut the opening for the sink.

Using a Dremel to round the edges of the sink cutout

  The Varde countertops come packaged with two metal rods running in a groove across the width. That kinda sucked because I ended up with two gaps at the top of the sink opening. That was unexpected, but Thomas did a fantastic job of making wood plugs that practically disappear.

 Stained with a mix of mostly English Chestnut and just a bit of Red Mahogany and finished with 3 coats of wipe on poly.

Sanded the top with steel wool until smooth as glass.

Close-up of the wood plugs at sink

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  1. Your kitchen install is beautiful! Question on the fintorp rail mounted to the ceiling? How did you install this since technically the assembly seems to be for a wall application. Thank you.

    1. We installed it the same way you would install a wall install, we just made sure that all four brackets were screwed into a stud or a heavy duty drywall anchor.
      Thank you for the compliment!! :)

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  3. Hi there. I love the shape of your island. Could you please tell me what it's dimensions are?
    Thank you!

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