Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Mountains of Strawberry Arizona

strawberry arizona, snowy road, arizona snow

strawberry arizona, arizona snow

strawberry arizona, mountains of arizona winter snow


The Garden Progress

Tons of pictures of how the garden is growing :)

But first some pictures of the beginning.


arizona gardens

Thomas and his dad, Roland, finishing up the fence.

arizona garden

plant border, pavers as a garden border, garden borders

I installed edging with our leftover pavers

arizona backyards, arizona gardens, mexican style hacienda, swimming pool

arizona gardens, arizona backyard, mexican style garden


spanish colonial, arizona houses, arizona gardens

oleander, arizona gardens, spanish colonial gardens

arizona gardens, arizona homes, front yard landscape, arizona landscape

arizona gardens, arizona landscape, arizona homes, spanish gardens

garden fountain, arizona gardens, arizona landscape, spanish garden

arizona gardening, arizona landscape, arizona homes, spanish style garden

hedge, orange jubilee as hedge, arizona plants

garden fountain, spanish style fountain

spanish colonial home, mexican style home, talavera pottery

This was from this past November and the backyard grass we let go dormant in the winter. Here it is already starting to yellow.

wood fence, ranch fencing