Monday, April 28, 2014

Plastering the Pool

I had a small glitch with getting the pool net approved by the city as an adequate barrier, but I worked it out with the supervising inspector and the net and entire pool got approval to finish and plaster. Yay!!! The pool is filling overnight and should be full with water sometime tomorrow. The crew was wonderful and, as usual, they were masters at their craft. I'm so grateful!

plastering a pool

plastering a pool

 Filling with water

Almost ready for swimmers!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Friday's fire sprinkler inspection got delayed until Wednesday. There is still a long list of small details that need to be finished. Here are some pictures of this week's progress.

 Staining the master bedroom doors

Bathroom tile and bathtub side wall finished

Thomas working on the office floor

Air compressor and gas meter

All the grass sod is in

 Finished painting the patio wall

cedar garage doors

paver driveway, belgard paver driveway, tuscan blend belgard pavers

 More pictures of the driveway


Saturday, April 19, 2014


I didn't pass final inspections because I haven't had the final fire sprinkler inspection with our city fire department. I didn't have the final fire sprinkler inspection because I didn't have electricity; I need electricity to power the fire sprinkler bell that rings when the fire sprinklers are on. And the city inspector wanted my fire sprinkler PASS card before he authorized electricity!!!!!?????? Yada yada yada......One of the many upside-down things that go on when dealing with city inspections. I also had final pool inspection yesterday (electricity is also needed for final pool inspection to test pumps), but the inspector didn't pass it because he couldn't get in the house to see door alarms. The problem with that is that I don't have door alarms! I have a net over the pool (very obvious) instead of door alarms!!!! I called the inspector and told him about the net and he apologized and said that he didn't even notice the net because most people have door alarms or automatic closing doors to separate the house from the pool (city code is that there had to be some kind of barrier between a pool and the house), and since he couldn't get in the house, he failed inspection. I'll have to re-call it in for Monday. Ugh.

So no Certificate of Occupancy, but a lot of progress has happened nonetheless.

Driveway is finished and digging starts for landscape.

paver driveway, belgard paver driveway in toscana blend and mohave

digging for irrigation sprinklers

installing landscape sprinklers


 Master bedroom doors.

 Finally getting around to installing the last two interior doors.

Office doors.


 First time parking in the garage!

 The garage doors from behind.
backside of cedar garage doors, inside of wood garage doors


 Buying plants and setting up garden sprinklers.


I installed some of the subway tile backsplash around the pot filler pipe so my plumber could attach the faucet.


 Painting the patio wall


installing rolls of sod

Grass sod arrived.

paver driveway, belgard driveway, belgard toscana blend driveway

katchakid pool net, pool with grass around it

* the blue pool net that the pool inspector didn't see?? *

 Saying goodbye to the port-o-potty, the one constant since July.


Still painting the patio wall.


frameless glass shower door

Frameless glass shower door installed. The shower tiles are from Home Depot and are Daltile Marissa Cararra 10 x 14 ceramic tiles.

marble shower, frameless glass shower door, marissa cararra tile


Let there be light!!!!

mexican star light, moravian star light

Moravian star light hanging from turret ceiling.

kohler brockway sink

paver driveway, wood garage doors, arched garage door opening, spanish colonial house