Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Boys' Room (desert house)

Obviously, this room is constantly changing as my boys grow up, but this is how their room looks today, this hour, this minute...for now. This is a tiny room, especially for two growing boys ages 7 and 13, but we make it work. The small size forces me us to be/stay organized.

bunkbed, hanging surfboard, hanging snowboard,kids' bedroom
The surfboard and snowboard are hanging with Command (medium) Damage-Free Hanging  Strips.

White bed before.

The Lego table is a piece of MDF cut to fit in the window nook. Blue striped boxes are cardboard with fabric hot-glued to all sides.
Baskets stored under the table hold toys.

Dresser is from my childhood bedroom with a bookshelf (also from my childhood) bolted on top to save precious floor space.

Kids' artwork hangs from clothespins on a wire stretched across the room. It's getting a bit cluttered and messy.

The closet holds more toy bins.

Each boy has a side with his initial.