Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Desert Kitchen B4 and After

So, I spent a long time in my closet yesterday (that's where my scanner is stashed) to get my old kitchen pictures onto my computer. I agonize over decisions so this kitchen re-do did not happen quickly. Everything was DIY except I had a pro paint the stove and fridge, and granite guys did the granite-although I did wonder what kind of saw we'd have to buy to do our own granite. Once I get going I get a little scary. Here's the changes blow by blow. Thanks for visiting! I'm a new blogger and sometimes, because of technical difficulties, like spelling, these posts take me hours to get up! One more thing I've noticed is that it looks like my husband does ALL the work. Not true!! He just never has the camera.

Before and after.

Original stock kitchen.

Painting the cabinets was a huge leap of faith because everyone {without vision :)}was against it. I also popped out the cheapo center insert and added glass cut to size from the Home Depot.

Removed counter-top and lived like this for a few weeks. A slow torture that gives one a great appreciation for running water. What a luxury! Also during this time the stove and old fridge got painted black. Ended up taking the black painted fridge up to our mountain house kitchen (here) and bought a delightfully shallow counter-depth fridge.

Indian Black granite in and the Mr. & Jr. installing the faucet.

A pot rack made out of pipe from Home Depot. They will cut and thread it for you.

We did a subway tile backsplash and lowered the electrical outlets so they aren't visible behind small appliances. The plug used to be directly over the toaster and taunted me with it's corded ugliness. I have a small issue with electric cords and trying to hide them as though everything is just powered wirelessly!

Painted the old kitchen cart. You can see more of that here.
                                                                  Here she is today:


Just waiting for something on that micro-stove-oven combo to break so I can justify getting new ones. I continued the tile backsplash behind it, so I'm anxious prepared for its demise. Fingers crossed! It's from 1986! I swear! Curses GE, for making appliances that last!