Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Roof Is Cleaned Up and Finished and Floor Tile Progress

The moon this morning. My camera had an interesting glare spot, sorta looks like a planet.

the moon

All the broken tiles got cleared off the roof and the floors are coming along perfectly!

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saltillo tiles in circle design

saltillo tiles in circle room, terra cotta tiles in a circle

 Leo's tile cutting. He's a perfectionist.

I finished up two coats of stain on garage doors.

wood garage door

Have to wait on pool progress until I have real electric running to house meter. I'm having Leo do the granite countertops, I'm going to look at granite slabs tomorrow. Cabinet guy is supposed to be here any day to put island panels on. Final plumbing will begin when floor is finished. Thomas and I are working on getting wood floors (for bedrooms) picked out and installed. Almost done!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Roof and Garage Doors are Finished

Some pictures of the past few days.

staining the doors

saltillo floor tile

ceiling speaker

spanish style chimney top

spanish colonial architecture, casa murillo house plan

boosted roof tiles, eagle roofing tiles, eagle artisan collection grand canyon, artisan capistrano grand canyon

Roof tiles are by Eagle and are from the Artisan Capistrano line, Grand Canyon is the color name.

cedar garage doors, on track cedar custom garage doors

saltillo tile

boosted tile roof, eagle roofing products, eagle roof tiles

eagle grand canyon boosted roof tiles

boosted eagle grand canyon roof tiles

spanish chimney

This chimney top is one of my favorite parts of the house

boosted roof tiles

saltillo tile

cedar garage doors, decorative hardware for garage doors, On Track garage doors

Home Depot sells these decorative garage door hardware kits.

cedar panel garage doors, garage door decorative hardware, cedar garage doors by on track

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Garage Doors, Floor Tile, and Roof Continuation

Today I got 1 1/2 garage doors stained. Almost all of the great-room floor got tiled. Roofers are about halfway done with the roof tile.

cedar garage doors, carriage garage doors

stained cedar garage doors, fake carriage garage doors

Thomas installed speakers yesterday

installing saltillo tile floors

Leonardo gluing tiles

Below you can see how some of the tiles are boosted. This is a how they install new tiles to appear old, and more like a traditional Spanish clay tile.

boosted roof tiles, eagle grand canyon roof tiles, eagle artisan roof tiles, cement roof tiles

eagle grand canyon roof tiles, installing cement roof tiles

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Garage Doors, Roof, & Tile Floor

Garage door were installed today. I'm so happy with the way they came out, I just love them. They need to be stained within 48 hours. I'm thinking something like a chocolate brown.
Floor cracks were prepped for tile and all the tile arrived today.
Roof tiles are being laid out and getting boosted which is when mortar is placed between the roof tiles on the bottom edge and then another 20% or so of the roof tiles get raised with the mortar.

cedar garage doors, roll up garage doors that look like carriage doors

cedar garage doors

cedar garage door

Pink crack sealer

eagle roof tiles in artisan grand canyon, boosted roof tiles

These are cement roof tiles by Eagle. I chose the artisan series in Grand Canyon, Boosted with Capistrano style tile.