Saturday, January 18, 2014

Running Low on Storage

As our move-in date gets closer, the stuff that we bought for the new house (but cannot take there yet) is piling up and starting to take over in the house we're currently living in. It's making me cranky.

 Garage is outa room

proline pro v range hood

 Large range-hood living on living-room floor.

Giant box outside front door because I have nowhere else to put it

My car looks like this everywhere. My trunk is also packed to the brim.

Granted this is peanuts to a hoarder. I had a family member with a slight tendency to "collect" and I was the person responsible for cleaning his collection up after he passed away.

kitchen is somewhere below the papers



With the help of absolutely AWESOME friends and family and two huge demo dumpsters, we unearthed the entire house and garage back to it's original, 1970s state. Ever since this experience....clutter makes me crazy!

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  1. wow. that was an impressive cleanup job on the hoarders house. nice work. :)

    your house is coming along beautifully and i can't wait to see the final finish, it will no doubt be spectacular. we're just starting to build a house now and it's driving me crazy and we haven't even begun. i'm hoping that once we make final decisions on plans (going back and forth now), that it will calm down a bit. here's to hoping, anyway.

    love your blog.


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