Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moving Along

Everything has worked out with burying the natural gas line and now we're working on getting the interior finished up. Here's a ton of pictures since I last posted.

 I put the pool tile choices over an existing pool to see how the blue tile looks with the blue of the water.

 Interior and closet doors arrived

 Tile for the boys' bathroom shower

 Interior doors

 My bath getting prepped for tile work.

 Boys' shower

 Better late than never... Made a "thank you" sign. Having an attitude of gratitude is the number one rule to successful house building!!

 South side of house got it's stucco.

 Kitchen cabinets are arriving.

 Dark brown stain on the island and a bone white lacquer on perimeter cabinets.

 Boys' shower getting grout.

 Thomas's shower tile

 Checking to make sure my sink will fit in cabinet

 Island plumbing hidden in small cabinet.

 Checking to make sure microwave fits into it's cabinet.
(the blue is a protective tape-like cover for the stainless steel)

summit built in microwave

 My bath getting subway tile.

 Thomas's shower before grout.

installing natural gas line
 Natural gas line going in.

 Installing baseboards


 More closet doors getting hung

 More trim added for island

national pool tile, pool tile
 Pool tile installed.

pool tile, national pool tile install

pool tile

 Custom iron work for fence. In Scottsdale, if you have a pool you must have a barrier.

 Almost done

 Thomas's shower with grout.

 fence before acid wash and rust
 The fence is going to get an acid wash so that it rusts and ages.

acid washing a fence so it will rust

 The fence 20 minutes after acid spray. It will continue to age at a rapid pace, especially if I apply water. When it gets to the point that I feel it's aged enough it will get a clear coat to seal it. Maybe a week or so.

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  1. half days to complete the work on site. A couple of problems had to be solved regarding the hinges, and the manual locker had to be repositioned.
    gates and fences


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