Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Garage Doors, Roof, & Tile Floor

Garage door were installed today. I'm so happy with the way they came out, I just love them. They need to be stained within 48 hours. I'm thinking something like a chocolate brown.
Floor cracks were prepped for tile and all the tile arrived today.
Roof tiles are being laid out and getting boosted which is when mortar is placed between the roof tiles on the bottom edge and then another 20% or so of the roof tiles get raised with the mortar.

cedar garage doors, roll up garage doors that look like carriage doors

cedar garage doors

cedar garage door

Pink crack sealer

eagle roof tiles in artisan grand canyon, boosted roof tiles

These are cement roof tiles by Eagle. I chose the artisan series in Grand Canyon, Boosted with Capistrano style tile.

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  1. The bottom portion of the vent hood base would overlap the roofing, acting as flashing there.wood fence styles


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