Friday, January 17, 2014

Fence Acid Wash

The fence is rusting nicely and my welder and I are thinking of possible designs for a mail box and house numbers.

Mailbox idea...

A welder in Texas makes some awesome products. He has an Etsy store and his own site. You can check out his Etsy store here.

I'm going to have my welder make something similar with a few changes so that my incoming mail is secure.

Possible ways to change it into a locking mailbox. I'll have to have this design approved by my postmaster before I can install.

Above are the dimensions of a US Post Office approved locking mailbox. I'm using these measurements as a template.

I love these house numbers also designed by Bold MFG from the Etsy link above. Might have my welder do something like it...

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  1. Note the eaves painted white below. These are meant to have 3 coats of paint - we will need to watch this since the painters only seemed to be there for a day or two before the scaffolding came down.wood fence panels


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