Monday, December 5, 2011

A Reindeer Head

* link to directions for the paper stars at bottom of this post *

I saw this project  tutorial in a book called, Dorm Decor and I think it's my favorite holiday decoration this year!! I started out trying cardboard (the book uses foam core), but I didn't like it so I changed to cutting up a  gift box that I thought had a really pretty texture (white deer) and a plain gift box that I glued wrapping paper onto (colored deer). The gift box is so easy to cut, and it's strong enough to support itself. I'm using them for holiday decor, but I like them so much they may stay around for a while. If you're up to having a deer in your house for the holidays, there is a template here from Chronicle Books. ** If your using Safari browser these six links may work better for printing. 1 2 3 4 5 6.

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DIY paper reindeer head

This deer was inspired by a French Bull plate that I glue gunned his head to. I've got him by the front door and I'm embarrassed to admit how happy his colorful face makes me when I see him!?!

Very fancy and dashing with a tie.

I made a simple white one for the mantel. The more serious brother.

paper deer head

DIY paper reindeer head christmas decoration

This is how he looks before you put him together. The first cardboard template I tried:

Cutting the wrapping paper out using the gift box template. This box was about the thickness of a cereal box. So if you have a big enough cereal box, or poster board, that would work great too! Just change the SLIT cutout (make it thinner) to adapt to your material.

 paper reindeer head tutorial, reindeer antler template, christmas crafts

I have instructions for the paper stars here