Monday, December 19, 2011

Mountain House Winter

I haven't talked much about our house in the mountains since my kitchen backsplash tutorial. Mostly this place is a summer house. An escape from the 120degree Arizona desert summers. We only head up here now and then from October through April. But if they get snow, I can't wait to get here for sledding and cozy afternoons by the fire. We don't have TV (just DVDs), cell phone coverage, or internet service. It's a great escape for the adults and once the kids get over their online gaming withdrawals, they have a great time too. Here's a few pictures...     Maybe more than a few.

snowy mountain cabin

cabin in the snow arizona

wine bottles winter

This island was a DIY using Lowes off the shelf cabinets. Tutorial here.

Nestled in this tiny Arizona mountain valley.

                         One of the best things about living in Arizona is that you can go from this:

arizona snowbowl

        To this:

                                                                      All in one day!!