Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Mini Deck

The entrance area at my front door had been plain cement forever and always bugged me but I couldn't decide on a tile or brick. I love wood decks and thought that could look nice, but how could I put wood over cement? Well, I did. Here you can see for yourself and it hasn't warped and it doesn't wobble.

Desert House Front Door  **Before**

Desert House Front Door  **After**

Made a frame using 2x2s

2x6 planks are screwed to the top of the wood frame. Drip system runs in the cement joint under deck. In this picture the frame pieces are lose, but they were screwed together to form a solid frame. Also not pictured is a center support 2x2 running down the center toward the front door.

Fits perfectly under the walls of the house which probably is also helpful in keeping it from warping.


diy small wood deck, small wood deck
The small step up. A 2x6 on top of a 2x2.