Monday, September 12, 2011

The Boys' Room Evolution (desert house)

Now that my boys are 13 and 7 I felt I needed to get rid of some of the "baby" stuff in their room and make it a bit more masculine. Because it's such a tiny room I like the white furniture, but for some reason, I always felt that the white bunk bed was sorta girlie. I've wanted to paint it green or navy blue for a couple of years now, but it's such a pain to paint that bed, that I kept putting it off. I finally did it and added some boy stuff to the walls. I still need to add one more coat of paint. Ugh...Really though, I love the quick, inexpensive changes that a can of paint can accomplish!


When they were little. Sigh...


2007 pulling up yucky carpet

installed hardwood floors


September 2011 painting the bunk bed (finally)

first coat

after one and a half coats

The Lego table was a DIY  made of MDF with trim, painted white, and resting on wall brackets and a nightstand.

 Tiny room for two boys

Closet doors are initialed. Each boy has a side
For clothes and toy bins