Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Murphy's Law

It's just one of those things that seem to happen. This isn't the first time, but I thought I'd write about this one because it's a good example of how one small thing can hold up a lot of work that needs to get done.

When a pool gets plastered it needs to be filled with water immediately. Because of that, the pool safety fencing needs to be in place before a city inspector will give the go ahead on the plaster. I have a natural gas line that will run underground to the side of the house. The trenching for this gas line needs to be done BEFORE any fencing is put up. I have been unable to have my natural gas trench crew dig their trench because the large pile of sand for the stucco got delivered when nobody was around and was dumped right where we were going to dig the trench. Of all the spots they could have chosen to dump the sand, it just so happens to be exactly where we need to dig.

Supposedly the sand cannot be moved because it could be contaminated with dirt and then won't work for stucco. My stucco crew has been short staffed and hasn't gotten around to finishing the house. So we wait..... Maybe I should see it as a nice time to take a break and sit back and just relax and do nothing.

Orange arrow is where trench needs to go.

The front yard and all the area that the sand delivery person had to choose from.

jus sayin'

Ok, that's enough moaning from me.

Painting the Walls

Seems a bit lame to post these pictures of interior paint because the paint color is the same color as the drywall mud and it all basically looks the same as the drywall pictures, but oh well.....in keeping with photographing all the progress for future reference....here are some pictures of the painting!!!!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

How To Add Falling Snow To Your Blog


How to add snowfall effect to blogger page:

1. Go to blog layout.

2. Click on any of the "add a gadget".

3. Choose the HTML/JavaScript option.

4. Paste the code below into the content box. Leave the title blank.

5. Press the save button.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.skincorner.com/snow.js">

6. Preview blog and if you like it hit save arrangement.

** Many of the codes don't work on an ipad, this one does.


If it's not winter season and I've removed the gadget from my template, here is a screen shot of how it looks.

how to add falling snow to blogger, falling snow gadget on blog

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stucco Starts and Interior Painting

Stucco guys were there this morning and already moving along fast. Interior painting is also underway, but I haven't taken any pictures. This stucco is in a smooth finish. It has sand in it and isn't really that smooth, but that's what they call it. The outside will get painted with an elastomeric (stretchy) paint, so that it doesn't crack. The color will be creamy white. I matched a paint chip at home depot, the color is Behr's Wax Sculpture.

new stucco

applying smooth stucco onto lathe

This is the color (wax sculpture) of the elastomeric paint the exterior of the house will get after the stucco completely dries. It takes a week or so to dry if it doesn't rain.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Before Painting Walls

Some pictures before painting the walls. The paint color is going to be about the same as the color now. I'm still working on interior doors. A few of them will take about 7 weeks to arrive so I'm looking to see if I can find them somewhere else and have them sooner.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Drywall Texture and Uh-Oh!

The  walls are finished with the tape and now have their mud texture. It's called Santa Fe or a 90/10, which is basically 90% of the wall is covered in smooth mud and 10% is left open. I also has a little fender bender with a pick up truck in the school parking lot. I'm sad for my little car! Nobody was hurt, thank goodness!!! I was barely moving. We were both backing out of symmetrical parking spots at the same time and the back of our cars hit. No bad feelings on either side, it's just one of those things that tend to happen in busy parking lots. I'll take my car in to get fixed sometime next week. They said it takes about 5 or 6 days to get her like new again OR as new as she can be considering she's 13 years old.

At night with some lights on a timer and a solar light out front. I have 4 outlets on a temporary construction electric meter that the electric company offers. You are not allowed to have the house powered with electric until you have a certificate of occupancy or apply for a city permit for temp. power in permanent position. The city does not want the house powered with electricity until the house is complete.

texturing drywall
 Here you can see all the nails and screws that get covered with tape and mud.

Close-up of the 90/10 texture

 still wet mud

The mud is dry.

rounded corner drywall detail

 detail of corner pieces

 We had a lot of rain and there was a small sink hole next to the pool deck that Thomas re-packed with dirt.

Some kind of paw print on lot.


Next is painting, stucco, floorboard trim, interior doors, shower pans and walls, cabinets, fences, pool tile and plaster, pool cover, floor coverings................fix car......