Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Drywall Texture and Uh-Oh!

The  walls are finished with the tape and now have their mud texture. It's called Santa Fe or a 90/10, which is basically 90% of the wall is covered in smooth mud and 10% is left open. I also has a little fender bender with a pick up truck in the school parking lot. I'm sad for my little car! Nobody was hurt, thank goodness!!! I was barely moving. We were both backing out of symmetrical parking spots at the same time and the back of our cars hit. No bad feelings on either side, it's just one of those things that tend to happen in busy parking lots. I'll take my car in to get fixed sometime next week. They said it takes about 5 or 6 days to get her like new again OR as new as she can be considering she's 13 years old.

At night with some lights on a timer and a solar light out front. I have 4 outlets on a temporary construction electric meter that the electric company offers. You are not allowed to have the house powered with electric until you have a certificate of occupancy or apply for a city permit for temp. power in permanent position. The city does not want the house powered with electricity until the house is complete.

texturing drywall
 Here you can see all the nails and screws that get covered with tape and mud.

Close-up of the 90/10 texture

 still wet mud

The mud is dry.

rounded corner drywall detail

 detail of corner pieces

 We had a lot of rain and there was a small sink hole next to the pool deck that Thomas re-packed with dirt.

Some kind of paw print on lot.


Next is painting, stucco, floorboard trim, interior doors, shower pans and walls, cabinets, fences, pool tile and plaster, pool cover, floor coverings................fix car......

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  1. Drywall Chicago, IL Great blog! I found some interesting things in here that I might use for future references. Hoping to see more of these posts in the future!


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