Sunday, November 24, 2013

Drywall Tape

Taping the drywall and kerfing the windows. Kerfing the windows is when a slot is carved into the window trim (must specify when ordering windows) and the drywall corner trim piece runs directly into window. This means the windows don't need extra wood trim moulding.

taped drywall-
the garage- wood rectangle on ceiling is a pull down door with ladder for access to storage space over garage

detail of kerfed window frame
window kerf detail before texture

kitchen/dining area

taped drywall
living room

detail of drywall kerf at window
more detail of window corner and edge

same window from further back

taping drywall
main hallway

ceiling skylight and air vent

drywall installation, taping drywall
master bedroom

view from Thomas's closet to Houston's bedroom at the end

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