Saturday, November 23, 2013

Almost Current...

Mike & Brian building chimney top

Chimney top waiting for stucco lathe

Fiberglass batt insulation

Insulation installers were very un-professional, inexperienced, and were trying to cut corners. Husband and I went through and re-hung all the batts correctly--all the Xs and Ts painted silver on ceiling were from me marking all the batts after being checked

Fiberglass insulation hung correctly! Was not pretty...

House plans with signatures of all the workers who work on the house.

fiberglass insulation batts
turret insulation

fiberglass batt insulation

fiberglass batt insulation install

automatic fire sprinkler gauge
Fire sprinkler pressure and alarm in garage

Drywall hangers brought a camping stove for cooking lunch. I absolutely loved these guys!! They were the BEST!

attaching drywall

attaching drywall to ceiling
This section of roof (above) is getting blown-in fiberglass insulation after the drywall is hung.


drywall installation

hanging drywall sheetrock on ceiling

bending drywall for round room
drywall in turret had to be soaking wet to bend with wall

hanging drywall