Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Sad Interruption To My Design Blog

This is what I have in mind...Without a tie?

I have a bit of a downer blog today, but I wanted to share it because I need some help and advise and haven't been able to find much information online. My dear uncle passed away and my family and I will be attending his memorial and I'm not really sure what my kids should wear. The online opinions seem to be that children can forgo black for more of something that would be appropriate for church, as long as it's not overly bright and cheery. My boys are 7 and 13 and we'll be attending an outside memorial. All of you home design bloggers seem to also have great fashion sense. If you have had  experience with dressing your children for a funeral or memorial, I am very sorry for your loss, but grateful for your knowledge and wisdom. Please feel free to comment or email me. Thank you, I really appreciate any input.
funeral attire for children
Or with a tie?
funeral attire clothing for funeral memorial
The hat belonged to my uncle and my little guy is set on wearing it. We will be outside.

 Does this seem alright??? Too much pattern??? My 13 yr old will be in something similar he just refuses to pose in it for his mom's "silly blog."
I'm a brand new blogger and I look forward to becoming part of your interior design community and visiting your blog. Thanks, again, for ANY help.

**After Post Edit** This outfit was such a hit that it even got a mention in the local newspaper. See here.


  1. Khakis and a button down oxford shirt is fine or navy slacks and a button down shirt, a tie is optional,shirts should be tucked in and a belt worn if you have one. No jeans, no sneakers. For me church attire is no longer applicable because kids wear many different styles to church. If you don't have the "right" clothes for your children to wear, don't go broke buying new clothes for them, especially if they don't wear this type of clothing in general, they'll grow out of them by next week. Try thrift shops in your area or if you have friends that have children you boys ages and same sizes, perhaps they could be borrowed for this occasion. But in the end, as long as you're there to support your family, it really doesn't matter, just as long as the boys look respectful. I have a feeling you will do fine and your boys will make you proud.

  2. agh! forgot to add that what your little one is wearing looks great. It's a keeper, so is he...adorable:)


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