Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Candles

Nothing says winter holidays like wood burning and popping in the fireplace and candles lit and everywhere. I just love it. I made a couple of holiday candles with stuff I had around the house.

** When I bought this white poinsettia, the girl cashier said she thought the white ones were dead red ones. Just the day before my husband said he thought the white ones looked sickly. Awwww. I like the white ones, but now I'm starting to wonder...

It's just two vases, one that fits into the other one, some greenery, and a candle. I put the smaller vase into the larger one and filled the in between space with the greenery and berries. The candle goes into the center vase and then I filled the in between with water. It helps if the candle or center vase is heavy, otherwise the center vase may start to float when you add the water.

I love how it looks with the water. Everything sorta floats around and is magnified by the water.

I did a little something different for the kitchen, because I couldn't stop myself with this candle surrounded by stuff  idea.