Sunday, January 26, 2014

Roof and Garage Doors are Finished

Some pictures of the past few days.

staining the doors

saltillo floor tile

ceiling speaker

spanish style chimney top

spanish colonial architecture, casa murillo house plan

boosted roof tiles, eagle roofing tiles, eagle artisan collection grand canyon, artisan capistrano grand canyon

Roof tiles are by Eagle and are from the Artisan Capistrano line, Grand Canyon is the color name.

cedar garage doors, on track cedar custom garage doors

saltillo tile

boosted tile roof, eagle roofing products, eagle roof tiles

eagle grand canyon boosted roof tiles

boosted eagle grand canyon roof tiles

spanish chimney

This chimney top is one of my favorite parts of the house

boosted roof tiles

saltillo tile

cedar garage doors, decorative hardware for garage doors, On Track garage doors

Home Depot sells these decorative garage door hardware kits.

cedar panel garage doors, garage door decorative hardware, cedar garage doors by on track


  1. What is the stain color on the cedar garage doors? So beautiful

    1. Thank you Tanya!!! The color is Behr "chocolate" semi-transparent weatherproofing wood stain. It's a standard Behr color but they have to make/mix it at the paint counter at Home Depot.

  2. When I look on the website, the color looks a little more solid. I love the way wood shows through in your garage. Special technique? Is the color more like last photo? Or one before last? Sometimes lighting makes a difference. Thank you for taking time to respond.

  3. I also like the darker look of one of the photos that still shows construction- was the paint not dry all the way yet and became lighter?

  4. We are having to make a decision on the stain today and I think we will choose this. If you have a moment to respond to the two posts above, I just wanted you to know I would greatly appreciate your kindness and time.

    1. SO SORRY Tanya, I just now saw this :(
      I applied two coats without any special technique. I found that it did help to start at the bottom to avoid any "stain trails" that can happen if you have some stain that accidentally runs down onto any un-stained wood. The bottom picture probably best shows the true color, but it does change depending on the sun.
      So sorry to be so late getting back to you!


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