Saturday, January 18, 2014

Getting Ready For Next Week

Next week the roof is getting finished, wood garage doors installed,  floor tile starts, and the pool's plumbing finished. BIG WEEK!!!

**Side note: the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous!!!!**

My roofer, Yuri, came out (on a Saturday, soooo sweet!) so we could decide on a drip edge color. My choices were galvanized steel, dark brown, or white. I picked the brown. It can always be painted to match the house later. I liked the contrast and think it will look nice and tidy under the tile.

Yuri on the left

Took a few pictures of inside.

 baseboard detail


Camelback Mountain outside front door

Waiting on finishing the cabinets that surround the refrigerator because we don't know exactly what height the fridge will be when it is on the saltillo tile.

wood beams

Three separate guys that have been doing work on the house have wondered why my island is a different color than the wall cabinets. I didn't think it was that unusual, but apparently it is???? My painter even said, "wow, that's BRAVE!"  ????

Door to garage hardware and look what a mess those outlets are!

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