Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Roof Is Cleaned Up and Finished and Floor Tile Progress

The moon this morning. My camera had an interesting glare spot, sorta looks like a planet.

the moon

All the broken tiles got cleared off the roof and the floors are coming along perfectly!

boosted roof tiles, eagle cement roof tiles, eagle artisan roof tiles, grand canyon roof tiles, grand canyon capistrano boosted roof tiles

saltillo tiles in circle design

saltillo tiles in circle room, terra cotta tiles in a circle

 Leo's tile cutting. He's a perfectionist.

I finished up two coats of stain on garage doors.

wood garage door

Have to wait on pool progress until I have real electric running to house meter. I'm having Leo do the granite countertops, I'm going to look at granite slabs tomorrow. Cabinet guy is supposed to be here any day to put island panels on. Final plumbing will begin when floor is finished. Thomas and I are working on getting wood floors (for bedrooms) picked out and installed. Almost done!!

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