Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trying Out Some Lights

I've been looking online for outdoor wall lights for the courtyard area. I found one at Lowe's.com and went to the store to see it and found a few more that I liked. I ended up liking the original light the most, but tortured myself for a couple of hours with comparing, deciding, and doubting.

calvin crest medium wall light

calvin crest medium wall light

This one was the Calvin Crest wall light. I liked it, but it had a bid too much design for me....too fancy I guess I should say.

castle creek large light
 This was the Castle Creek large light. I felt it was a bit too modern.

calvin crest wall light, portfolio bulow wall light
 The Calvin Crest on the left with the Portfolio Bulow wall light on the right

calvin crest wall light, spanish colonial wall light

calvin crest wall light, portfolio bulow wall light

Trying my original pick, the Andover (on left), with the Bulow on the right.

bulow wall light, progress lighting andover

Below are the lights I decided to keep. They are called
Progress Lighting Andover

progress lighting andover

progress andover wall light

Then I'm trying out these pharmacy lights for the kitchen. They are also from Lowe's and they are made by Allen and Roth. They can be hardwired or plugged in. I'm not sure these are exactly what I'm looking for, but they're close. I want more of a spot light aiming down vs. these that have light that reflects off the shade. Whatever I decide on, I need 5 of them. I'll keep on the lookout for something better.

adjustable arm wall sconce, library wall light, pharmacy light, swing arm wall light

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