Saturday, February 22, 2014

Appliances Arrived

A lot more has happened in the kitchen. Some appliances are in, countertops were installed, and cabinets are almost done. Here are some pictures of the appliances and how they look when packaged for shipping and some of the install.

wolf dual fuel range shipping packaging, aga marvel northland refrigerator shipping

wolf dual fuel range packaging

 Back and front of wolf dual fuel range.

wolf dual fuel range packaged for shipping

thermador dishwasher

 Thermador dishwasher above.

mmarvel pro 42 glass door fridge, stainless steel inside marvel refrigerator

The compressors for the refrigerator are packaged separately. They are in the two boxes below.

Above is the vent that sits on top of the refrigerator in front of the compressors. Below are the two compressors.

compressors from marvel and northland, shipping northland and marvel compressors separately from refrigerator unit

marvel freezer cabinet

 The back and sides of the fridge/freezer

marvel pro 42 refrigerator

marvel refrigerator

 This is the top of the two fridge/freezer units and where the compressors sit.

marvel refrigerator

The compressors sit on the top of the units here. Installation wasn't that difficult, just attaching some wire harnesses. Some of the wires attached to the freezer unit were attached so that the compressor unit would sit on top of them (not good) so we ended up removing some of the wire holders toward the front and out of the way of where the compressor sits. It is a little bit like the people designing the top of the fridge/freezer units have never installed the compressors because they weren't perfectly lined up and some of the wires were too short and in danger of being pinched off by the compressor unit.

marvel northland compressor

 Above you can see some of the red white and blue wires running under and in front of the compressor unit. That is after we moved them a bit forward and out from under the compressor. It is important that the compressor sits tight on the black foam you see on the picture above. The air is flowing from the compressor directly below through those two openings in the black foam and down into the fridge/freezer units.

 Below is a white panel that they include (it's attached to the side of the freezer), that you raise up to separate the two compressors so the freezer compressor isn't sucking up the warm exhaust air from the refrigerator compressor.

marvel compressor installation

Putting the separation panel up.

marvel compressors, marvel refrigerator, glass door refrigerator

Two compressors installed and running.

aga marvel, northland compressors, compressor vent for marvel refrigerator

One thing that doesn't seem correct is the opening in the vent for the compressors. The opening in the middle doesn't line up with the exhaust of the right side compressor which could cause overheating. I'm going to send this picture to Marvel and see what they can do about it.....again something that seems like the designers never installed a complete unit.  ???

marvel glass door refrigerator, marvel refrigerator

Fridge complete and installed in cabinet.


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