Saturday, January 18, 2014

DIY Install of Katchakid

Our pool barrier (besides welded gates in front) is a Katchakid. I custom ordered it online and it was sent out in about 2 weeks. It is specifically made for your pool dimensions. So far I love it and I think it looks so much better than any tall fencing around the pool. *All these pool barriers are to comply with city codes, regardless of if you have kids or not*

The directions were really great and they also send a DVD instruction video. They say it will take 4 to6 hours. It probably took us 10. We broke it up into three days and the most time consuming thing was tying the knots around the perimeter of the net/pool. You go around the entire outer edge tying knots, twice.

DIY Katchakid

how to install a katchakid, drilling holes for katchakid anchors

 Borrowed a hammer drill from Builder Brad

katchakid grey anchor

These are the plugs that will hold the net hooks. They are placed 3 feet apart all around pool.


katchakid anchor and hook

blue katchakid pool net

The two ropes leading out from the center are the tension lines. It's a circle in the middle that gets smaller/tighter as you pull the two ropes.

katchakid tension system

Burn off the ends to neaten up the edge




katchakid install, katchakid

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