Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mishaps of the Week...

Had a few glitches this week.

Door bell wiring and an outside light wiring on turret got covered up by stucco. Luckily I have so many pictures of every step that we went back and found pictures of location and Thomas figured out the exact locations.

Having problems getting faucet plumbing to fit behind
the Kohler Brockway sink
Stucco bossman, Antonio, crushed my brand new gate :(

Bottom hole you see is where my electrician tried to locate the wires.

Measuring location from past photos.

Thomas found it first try!!


I'm finding it practically impossible to find plumbing to fit behind this wall mount sink. The pipes are 3/4" and almost all elbows are too fat. This brass one is the best so far. May have to chisel out a bit of the dry wall behind? Not sure...




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