Friday, April 4, 2014

Certificate of Occupancy Inspection

I'm going to schedule the FINAL inspections for Monday! Then I can start scheduling the electric, gas, and phone service and get the pool inspection completed so we can plaster and fill it up with water.

The paver driveway is coming along nicely. I wasn't sure how to connect the two driveways, so I did a trial and error with the car and we figured it out. The front will be completed next week and then they start on the patio in the back yard.

Garden sprinklers and landscape will start next week too.

preparing ground for pavers

 sand under the pavers first

belgard paver toscana and mohave mix

 Small front patio. The edging is the Mohave blend.

belgard pavers, belgard pavers in mohave and toscana mix

installing belgard pavers

belgard pavers in toscana mohave mix, herringbone paver pattern

brick red weathershield sliding door

weathershield windows and doors in brick red

 2 air compressors installed, one on the North side and one on the South side.

 Sand will get packed between pavers

garage door hardware, Home Depot garage door hardware, cedar garage doors, brick red casement windows

 Added hardware to garage doors that make them look even more like carriage doors.

garage door hardware, cedar garage doors, wood garage door

 The driveway that connects the two garages.

Kohler Brockway sink, chicago gooseneck wall mount faucets

 Finally figured out the complicated plumbing for the Chicago faucets on the Kohler Brockway sink and it is up and hooked to water and drain. The recommended Kohler Cannock faucets that go with this sink were a brushed finish that I wasn't crazy about. They might have been an easier install tho??? I purchased the sink and faucets from Very happy with them. Did I write this already? I can't remember! Anyway, the sink arrived with a chip on the top edge. they sent out a replacement immediately, no questions asked or photos required. Love that!

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