Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friday's Photo

Drink Up!

drop of water, water drop

 Here in the United States it was Super Bowl weekend. Lots of drinks and drinking up. So many opportunities to photograph some sort of drinking up, but I photographed water. I've been wanting to work on getting a photo of a drop of water and thought this would be the perfect time and theme. I got totally lost in getting these shots. I took over 400 pictures of water drops. Only a few turned out. Here are some. I did not edit these. The blue changed intensity as the sun moved throughout the day. I spent so long looking at these water drop photos that they started turning into some kind of psychedelic solar system to me. 

water drops

water drops

drops of water

drop of water

Some of my favorites.

And because I'm always a sucker for spoilers, here's a photo of the un-magical technique I used to photograph these drops:

photographing a drop of water

Sunlight, medicine dropper, blue folder, and a Pyrex dish full of water.
Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend!