Saturday, March 9, 2013

Changes from Original House Plan

The changes that were made to the original house plan that was purchased online.

Yellow: Removed covered veranda, half bath, and eating nook.
 Green: Moved door to garage, removed pantry and all its walls, move kitchen to dining room area.
 Pink: Move fireplace from living room to family room.
Orange: Straighten front patio wall.
Ice Blue: Remove steps-house is ground level.
Blue: Windows
Dark Blue: Removed outdoor shower. (??that was strange place for outdoor shower, if we have an outdoor  shower it will be to side of garage closer to the pool)
Teal: Removed shower, rotated bath, moved sink.
Purple: The turret had an outer shell making it appear larger than it actually was. Although it looked nice from the front of the house, it was strange in the back (visible above roofline, with nothing below the roofline) and used the veranda roof (that I removed) for support.

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 I hired a draftsman to make the drawing changes. Hired structural engineer to make sure that the changes I wanted were structurally possible. Hired mechanical engineer to design a plan for the HVAC (heating, ventilation, & air conditioning).