Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finish Footing Framing, Aggregate, and Rebar

If all goes as planned we hope to pour the floating slab (concrete) on Wednesday morning. As of today the weather forecast predicts rain for Wednesday. We'll wait and see. But if Wednesday rain is still predicted by Tuesday, we'll probably delay the pour.

Some kind of lid on sewer pipe for test.

Normal lid back on.

 Wire running along pipe for future location identification

Sewer and drain pipe running from street to house

These two pipes will remain just above ground level and will be the access points if there are ever any future drain clogs or other problems. One goes toward the house, the other toward the sewer main at the street.

Delivery of ABC (Aggregate Base Course). It is the base for the cement slab to sit on. It will get treated for termites (liquid spray) the night before we pour cement. The termite spray MUST be covered by cement within 24 hours of application. The UV light from the sun will make the termite poison non-poisonous after one day.

 Drain pipes covered up with dirt and the ABC is spread out around the whole footprint.

 Laundry room drain and holes for load bearing  footings. These will be filled with cement to help support the hallway wall which supports the roof.

Rounded front door area, the turret. The cement guy, Royhelio aka Roy (in the cowboy hat), has been doing cement work for over 15 years.

 110 degrees outside!!!

 This machine is a measuring devise used to measure heights. This reads a remote that is on a stick that Roy holds up and it makes sure that everything is level. It is called a Laser Level.


I built this sign to hold building documents and permits. My draftsman also added a sign advertising his business.

Adding the rebar around frame footing to strengthen cement.

 Turret & front door