Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hanging Art

I come from a family of artists and art collectors so I've ended up with a ton of art. Most of it is original, much of it is valuable, and all of it is sentimental. The thing about this is that if you take some of this art and place it by's not necessarily a piece I would buy or that is my taste. But I have found that when I group them together to form a gallery wall or walls, they create a cozy, lived-in, evolving, eclectic bohemian look that I love.
I must confess that pounding a nail into these new pristine walls was not a nice feeling and after living without anything on the walls for a few weeks I was getting used to the white minimalist look. All of these pictures came from gallery walls in my last house, so I was just going to do the same thing here in the new house. I don't really have a process, pattern or plan first. I do set a height limit and a  general spacing size between each picture and try to evenly spread out the big/small pictures and then I just go for it.

I wasn't going to keep this sofa....but here it sits :) 

gallery wall, art wall, picture wall

gallery wall, art wall, picture wall

gallery wall, art wall, picture wall

gallery wall

Pictures, waiting to be hung, still on the floor in the hallway...

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