Friday, November 25, 2011

A Handmade Mini Wreath

I'm not a big Christmas knickknack collector, but I ALWAYS love a wreath and these are easy and free! I started out making these for some lanterns I have outside and ended up putting them on the kitchen cabinets.

 I used leaves from four different plants: Olive branches, Rosemary branches, Indian Laurel leaves, and African Sumac leaves.
After you have your leaves or branches, all you need are some wires (I salvaged mine from the impossible packaging that kids' toys come in), dollar store suction hooks, ( you could use the mini Command hooks, I've seen them at the dollar stores too), and a glue gun which isn't necessary. I just used it cause it makes me feel CRAFTY!

For the wreaths where I threaded the leaves, I used a wire about a foot long and just threaded it until it was almost full. Then hooked the ends of the wire together and tied a bow over the hook. For the Olive Tree and Rosemary branches, I cut a branch about a foot long and twist tied the ends together and then wrapped more branches around the circle.

I used a glue gun on the threaded wreaths to keep the top leaves from flopping over and the glue also doubled as a way to hang the wreath on the hook.

Happy Holidays!