Friday, November 4, 2011

Ten June Photo Challenge

I'm back with another week of photos with 20-24. 20 and 21 are from my post last week, but I'm posting them again so that I stay with the rest of the group. I'm getting used to walking around with my camera and not feeling so self-conscious about it.

20.  Bokeh

21. Faceless Self Portrait

skeketon hands
22. Hands

23. Sunflare

two dogs in grass, Chihuahua and pit bull
24. Animal

20. Taken in my house.
21. Was my week trying for the long exposure shot, so I lugged the tripod everywhere.
22. My son's Halloween glow in the dark gloves. I used picnic's collage. The white hand is with the light on and the green hand is long exposure, in the dark, with the glove glowing.
23. I don't have a filter to help with this effect. I tried taking a picture with sunglasses over the lens, and in my car's tinted windows. Didn't work. This was the best I could get with the bush filtering the sun's rays just barely.
24. My dogs!! Both were adopted from the pound. The big one, Dresden, is 10 and I've had her for 9 years. The little one, Loki, is 4 and I just got her this past April. Normally they don't like posing for a picture. They put their ears back and sit there all pathetic, waiting for the torture to stop. I got lucky here because a squirrel ran up into a tree and they forgot about the photo shoot!!

Thanks for visiting. As always, I look forward to seeing all your fantastic and inspiring photos. Have a great weekend.