Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Success Fighting Acne

* This is a acne skin care routine that has worked for my son. Everybody is different and reacts differently to different products. Please carefully read the instructions and warnings that are on the backs of the products before you use them.*

 *Not great quality pics. The acne actually got  much worse than this BEFORE  picture. I felt bad taking this picture. If I would have known that soon he was going to be blemish free I would have have taken better BEFORE  pictures.

I wanted to write this post to report the huge success my 13 year old son *(my son is now 15 years old and still follows this routine)*  has has with an over the counter skin care routine that has made his acne disappear. I'm not trying to sell anything!!! I just wanted to share our experience and hope that it can help someone or give hope.

I have never had acne, but my 13 year old son started breaking out over the summer. I scoured the web looking for acne remedies and after finding that most sites just want to sell you their products or recommend prescription lotions, shots, and pills, I finally came across . This is such a helpful site!!! The site does sell an acne skin care line, BUT it also lists replacement products that can easily be purchased in most drug stores. There are also independent reader reviews for most of the acne treatments out there. And video instructions showing exactly the skin care routine that the author of the site now uses with success.

My 13 year old  has very greasy skin. Especially the T zone on his face. Also, his hair gets so greasy it looks wet within 12 hours of washing. This regimen works for him. It took a few weeks before we saw a noticeable difference. You have to stick with it and you must follow the routine in the morning and night. Twice a day. If my son gets lazy and skips a step or the whole skin care routine altogether, he breaks out the next day. This has been his skin care routine for the past 5 months. It's not exactly the routine. He did follow that to a tee for the first month, but I think over time everyone starts doing their own thing. The core of this routine is loosely based on's.

Because my son is not big on grooming in general, we were able to whittle down his routine to two steps, twice a day, everyday, with success. A couple of times a month (or every weekend if needed) he applies a store bought microdermabrasion. This really seems to help with blackheads in particular. They squeeze out so much easier right after this. Eeewww, I know. Nobody loves to talk about it...but there it is.

Step One: (morning and night)
Wash face. Two pumps of the Clean&Clear foaming facial cleanser on a microfiber washcloth that is wet with hot water. Rub lightly all over entire face. Rinse the washcloth in hot water until the soap is out and then wipe face with the washcloth until all the soap is off face.

Step Two: (morning and night)
Apply a nickel size dollop/blob of  a benzoyl peroxide gel to fingertips and rub completely into skin. Avoid the eye area. This is the KEY acne fighter. Don't be afraid to use more, especially in the areas that a prone to breakouts. When skin is clear use less and less until you find the right amount that maintains clear skin. Over time my son has found that a nickel sized dollop/blob is enough.

That's it!!! Step three can be a lotion because benzoyl peroxide can dry out the skin. My son is using the 10% benzoyl peroxide and doesn't get dry skin or peeling.There is a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide by Neutrogena for more sensitive skin.

These are the products he uses, twice a day:

helps to clear acne

(1) The clean&clear face soap (2) and the Target brand "maximum strength acne medication benzoyl peroxide gel."
{He has also had great success with Zapzyt and the Walmart brand benzoyl peroxide (both also 10% benzoyl peroxide) creams.}

acne cream

** 12-17-2013 edit **
I have also found Dr Sheffield's Clear-Zit (10% benzoyl peroxide) at the 99 Cent store and it also works!!


This is the microdermabrasion, found at Target, that he applies a few times a month, depending on the amount of blackheads. Sometimes it's once a week.

Again, this is what works for my son. Everyone is different. I just wanted to share a success story in the hopes that it might help someone else. I am more than happy to answer any questions that I can. I am not a doctor, I can just share what I have learned from my son's experience.