Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Valentine Garland

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This is a simple heart garland that I made using two pieces of felt. Cost = 50 cents!!!
I sewed mine, but I bet you could hot glue it or use fusible tape.

1. Cut felt rectangles in half, lengthwise.
2. Fold one strip in half (lengthwise) and sew ends together.

3. Turn tube inside-out so that the seam you just made is inside the tube.
4. Make another seam along the opposite side of your first seam. The purpose of this seam is to pinch the fabric together. This is the bottom of your heart.

TaDaaa!!!! See the heart?

Cut into strips approximately 1 inch wide.

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I came up with 55 hearts from the two pieces of felt.

They could also be strung vertically. 
Sooo cute and much healthier than chocolates!!