Monday, June 17, 2013

Sewer Tap Progress

Not very exciting to most people but for the sake of documenting every step, here's some plumbing progress.
Today the plumbers started the process of  hooking my, eventual, sewer pipes up to the city's main sewer line. They hope to finish tomorrow (Tuesday) and patch the street on Wednesday or Thursday. So far so good! I also have a Pre-Build meeting on the lot with the city building inspector tomorrow.No sign of the city's water meter hookup which is also scheduled for this week??? The blue markings in the dirt on first picture are where the water meter will go.

Earlier in the day while the plumbers were working. These were taken with my phone and I didn't take a good picture of the actual tap that goes into the main sewer line. Maybe tomorrow if I get there early enough.

installing a sewer tap

Diverting traffic

After the plumbers left for the day. Steel plates cover the 6 foot deep by about 3 feet wide hole.

sewer tap installation

Big piece of the street there on the right. $$$

6 feet under is the new green sewer plumbing.

sewer tap trench