Saturday, June 22, 2013

Staking and ...

The sewer is almost finished. They just need to patch the street. Water meter is in and street patched. The man who is in charge of pouring my cement foundation, Roy, was out to stake the corners of the house for the grading company. Applied for a county dust permit on Thursday (an intimidating 12 page application) and received the permit via email that same evening. Very impressive! There can be up to a two week wait. Should have a date soon to start grading. Went to another window company (Weather Shield & Semco) appointment on Friday and should have a bid next week sometime. I'm still not sure on color.

I received a letter from a neighbor concerned about his property becoming flooded from my property's runoff because my property is higher than his and also somewhat sloping toward his property. Replied to him explaining a bit about the grading plan and, hopefully, easing his mind a bit. It's probably going to be very annoying for all my neighbors, in the coming months, to live next to a construction site and it's important for me to keep the peace with my new neighborhood. This may prove to be quite a challenge.

Permanent sewer access lid

Water Meter

Roy, staking the corners.