Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ceiling Fans

I ended up picking Home Depot's Hampton Bay 52" for every room. I did get an extension rod for the living room fan because the ceiling in there is 12 feet, but the rest were attached without the downrods. I like them very much and most importantly, they are SILENT!!! I mean totally silent except for the sound of air moving. If your fan is noisy it may be hooked up wrong. My electricians had dimmable wall switches for the ceilings' electric hook-up (these fans say to NOT use a dimmer switch!!) and the motor was humming like crazy. Loud loud loud! When the wall switch was replaced with a regular non dimming switch the fans were silent.

I'm not big on fancy or unusual ceiling fans. I just like the classic ceiling fan without lights. So I don't have a lot of decisions here to make, except I did want a ceiling fan close to the ceiling for Rogan's room because he has a bunk bed and I don't want the fan too close to the upper bunk. The ceiling is 10 feet high in that room. I also don't want a ceiling fan that hums at every speed.

Here are some pictures in case anybody else out there is curious about fan depth.

The two Home Depot (Hampton Bay) fans are Hampton Bay. The flush mount is 42". The other two standard fans are 52". The Home Depot fans are high gloss white and the Lowe's (Harbor Breeze) fan is an eggshell finish.

ceiling fan depths, comparing ceiling fan depths, hampton bay ceiling fan compared to harbor breeze

The small living room has 12' ceiling and I thought I'd get a longer downrod (bought at Home Depot and is for Hunter fans, but it worked on this Hampton Bay) for that fan.
One thing I noticed with the Home Depot (Hampton Bay) fan is that the clips for the fan blades are BLACK and you can see them??????? Maybe I'm being overly picky, but my eyes went to it right away. You can't really tell in the pictures. I tried the shorter rod that comes with the fan, and you can still see the black clip. The Lowe's fan has clips that are cream colored. I don't have pictures of the Lowe's fan hanging yet.

hampton bay 52" ceiling fan with extension downrod, hampton bay 52" farmington ceiling fan

Home Depot's  Hampton Bay white ceiling fan, hampton bay farmington 52" ceiling fan

The Home Depot, Hampton Bay, and the Lowe's, Harbor Breeze, both get good reviews online. I don't have electricity yet so I'm not sure how well they run. They both get reviews that say they're quiet.


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