Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kitchen Hood, Driveway Pavers, & Wood Floor

It took almost all day to hang the hood and chimney over the range. It is a pretty simple job and wouldn't normally take so long, but Thomas made some modifications to the chimney that took some time. the chimney doesn't sit totally flush on the hood because the hood has metal grommets on the top. The chimney would sit flush on the hood if we cut openings in the chimney edge where it rests on top of the range's grommets, but we were running out of steam and weren't that picky by the time we realized the issue. Fitting the chimney in over the hood and under the soffit took some pounding, but it's in there tight!

 I cleaned up the cement floors and Thomas has started the wood floor.

I have been looking at driveway pavers. I've attached some pictures of the samples. I like the Holland pavers (4x8 brick shape) in a herringbone pattern the most. I'd also like a light color mix, which isn't so easy to find.

Hanging the exhaust hood

hanging a range hood, proline prov range hood and chimney

 The chimney and  hood are from Proline. The hood is the ProV 36".

proliner ange hood, wolf stove, marvel refrigerator

proline prov range hood and chimney

 2 lights, 2 heat lamps, and baffle filters

wolf stove with red knobs, marvel refrigerator, proline prov hood

Cleaning the cement floors before gluing down engineered wood flooring.

wood floor glue

hand scraped maple engineered wood floors

The wood floors are the hand scraped style and the color is maple

I added a second coat of sealant to the tile floor

terracotta tiles


Above are holland pavers in herringbone pattern. I think these are too dark and will be too hot in the summer.
Below are tumbled (top) vs. non tumbled (bottom). I think the tumbled ones just look milky...not tumbled

 I like the yellow/gold ones above and below. I am looking for a mix with that shade,

Above are some of the different colors of pavers that Roger the paver guy has brought by.

Trying some wall lights for this bathroom

** The blue tape on the walls are marking areas on the wall that had cracks or damage and have been repaired but now need to be repainted.**

Had some rain...


  1. Glad you've got the wooden floors in place. Wooden surfaces pose their own set of challenges, but I'm sure you've got the cleaning apparatus on the ready for that next part of maintenance process. There's always a special service for that around the corner, so it's all good. All the best!

    Nathan Riley @ Stanley Steemer of Atlanta

  2. very happy there. It must be nice to drive into your home and see the fruit of your hard work.cedar fence boards


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