Friday, March 21, 2014

This and That

All that's left to do is electric, pool plaster, driveway, and landscaping. Almost finished!!!! Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Temporary junky mailbox :)

Grading all the dirt to get ready for driveway and landscape.

lot grading

lot grading

lot grading

 I had these chairs made for the dining room table.

black wingback chair, wingback chair

 The fabric is a black corduroy

 A mexican star light for the turret ceiling

mexican star light, hanging star light, moravian star light

 The gates are still continuing to rust nicely

rusting iron fence, acid wash rusted fence

 Had the dented gate fixed, now it's straight again!

 Thomas making cement pads for the two air conditioning units

Still trying out different wall lights...

The custom double doors for the master bedroom and office finally arrived and are waiting to be installed.

 I've been scrubbing the cement floors getting them ready for Thomas to install the wood flooring.

Have been looking at pavers for weeks. They are all starting to look the same. I was going to use a paver style called holland, which is basically a brick shaped 8x4 paver, but I've decided on 9x6 pavers in a herringbone pattern for the driveway.
This is the 9x6 below is some different colors that my paver guy dropped off.

 I went to a paver store to see some different choices

belgard paver colors

belgard paver colors

belgard paver colors

phoenix paver colors

phoenix paver colors

pavestone colors

pavestone colors

Finally I decided on a mix between a Belgard color called Mohave mixed with Toscana. This style is slightly tumbled and is from the Cambridge Cobble line. There were also some nice bricks (above) that I may use for the patios and walkways. ????? Not sure...

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  1. Found your blog googling Brockway sinks. Attempting to install a 3' one in our current remodel. Banging my head against the wall doing it. Glad to see it is possible. Thank you for sharing your step by step. I was the only one I could find online. Your place looks amazing. Great job!


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