Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doormat Design

I sort of have an Asian thing going on at my front door and couldn't find a doormat that I felt went with the area so I decided to stain a design onto a coconut doormat myself. Sometimes I see plain blank mats, similar to this, at the dollar stores. At that price you could do a different doormat for every season or holiday.  Or you could make a monogram like these beauties:

This one is mine. It's getting a bit old and tattered and it's probably time for a new one because there's coconut fuzz all around it and I think it actually creates a dusty mess instead of absorbing it. But I'll worry about that another day.

diy doormat design, diy doormat
Here's the design I drew.

This is the shoe dye I used. Just happened to have it and thought I'd give it a shot.

It has this great thingamabob attached to the lid. Hooray! No cleanup!

Or you could just touch up a lovely mat you have that has faded.
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