Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Turning a kitchen cart into a table/kitchen island

I've had this cheapo kitchen cart since I got out of college (not gonna say how long ago that was!) and for some reason have lugged it around with me through the years. When it ended up in my current kitchen I put a larger top (top to a table I didn't want to use any more)on it so it served as a kitchen table and island. Here's how it went down.

Before and after.

Original kitchen cart table.

A coat of primer and I cut the rounded edges and corners off the table top.

First coat of green paint and I removed the wood handles on the doors.

The underside of the cart top. Table-top is screwed to cart top from underneath.

Second coat of green paint, added handles to cabinets and drawer. Painted the stool black and hand painted a gold 5 on top.

Painted black circle around handles.

Before and after.