Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photo Challenge

I'm out of town this week, up in the mountains without phone signal or Internet. But I'm so excited about this photo challenge that I found a hot spot to link up to. Thanks to Ten June for the idea and for hostessing! Come join, it's not too late to join the 30 day photography challenge. Link here.

I took so many pictures it's not even funny. I'm using a Fujifilm Finepix S 4000. I just got it two weeks ago. It's not a fancy camera. In the low $200 range, but I find if I have too many bells and whistles I become overwhelmed and don't use the camera at all. This camera is very basic and I still haven't figured out all of it's options, but I feel more comfortable with it every time I use it.  I'm having so much fun with this assignment and I like having specific categories to focus on. I didn't do any editing or Photoshop.

1. Self Portrait

2. What I Wore

#2. I had some trouble with this one because of the contrast of the dark wood and the white tank. This is the best I could do, but I think it's a bit washed out. I used a tripod, then took it away. 45 minutes...and this was the best I could do. Grrrrrr.

3. Clouds

4. Something Green

5. From A High Angle

6. From A Low Angle

7. Fruit

One extra...I was crouched in the dirt to get the "from a low angle" shot for so long that I was able to capture this-
bee on flower, yellow flower and bee

Some of the hundreds that ended up on the chopping block.

I'm looking forward to see all the other pictures. Thanks for visiting!