Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ten June Photo Challenge. Week 2

Still having a great time with my camera and the Ten June Photo Challenge. Normally Arizona has technicolor sunsets, but not this week. So I'm a bit disappointed with the sunset shot. This week I used Picnic to edit the EYE picture. I did the Cross Process in Effects and then the Focal B&W for the iris. Kinda fun to play around with all the edits.

cup of coffee
8. A Bad Habit

a boy and his dog, little boy and dog
9. Someone You Love

10. A Childhood Memory

water, swimming pool
 11. Something Blue

arizona sunset
 12. Sunset

reading, girl reading outside
 13. Yourself With 13 Things

eye, close up of an eye
 14. Eyes

8. My bad habit is coffee with a lot of cream and sugar.
9. My youngest son, Rogan and a sweet moment with our dog, Loki.
10. My favorite childhood book, Eloise.
11. Swimming pool.
12. Northern Arizona sunset.
13. Me and 13 books. Not very inspired, I know. I couldn't think of 13 different things.
14. My eyeball.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's pictures. Thanks for visiting.